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Inhabitants of the Province Requested not to Trade with Pedlars


The Committee on the State of the Province, reported a Resolve relative to Pedlars, &c˙, which was read, considered, and accepted, and ordered to be published in all the Newspapers, and is as followeth, viz:

Whereas, the practice of Pedlars and Petty Chapmen, in going from Town to Town selling East India Goods and Teas, and various sorts of European Manufactures, in direct opposition to the good and wholesome laws of this Province, whereby they are liable to the forfeiture of all


their Goods, besides being subject to the penalty of twenty Pounds, does manifestly tend to interrupt and defeat the measures necessary to recover and secure the rights and liberties of the inhabitants of these Colonies. And whereas, the law relating to Pedlars and Petty Chapmen, cannot at present be effectually carried into execution, it is therefore hereby earnestly recommended to Committees of Inspection of the several Towns and Districts in this Province, that they be very vigilant and industrious to discover and find out when any Pedlars and Petty Chapmen shall come into their respective Towns and Districts; and that the said Committees, whenever they shall find out that any Pedlar or Petty Chapmen shall be in the Town or District for which such Committee is appointed, that such Committee, without fail, make a thorough and careful search and examination of the Packs, Baggage, and all the Goods, Wares, and Merchandises of such Pedlars and Petty Chapmen; and in case such Committee shall find any India Teas or European Manufactures in the possession of such Pedlars or Petty Chapmen, it is further recommended to such Committee to prevent, by all reasonable means, such Pedlars and Petty Chapmen from vending any such Teas and Manufactures; and it is hereby recommended to the inhabitants of this Province not to trade with such Pedlars and Petty Chapmen for any article whatever.