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Letter from William Schuyler to John Marlett



Warrensburgh, July 4, 1775.

These may inform you that I received your letter from New-York on the 2d instant. I also received a letter from Mr˙ Daniel Lane, on the 28th of June, but could not do any thing in it at that time, by reason of the port being so near shut.

As to the people who have signed where I live, there is only one, to wit: John Snuke. Those that have not signed, who have been asked, are, the Reverend John Stuart and Henry Hare. We also hear from the Oneida, that the Indians will not join with Colonel Guy Johnson, nor have any thing to do with him; also, that Abraham C˙ Cuyler, Mayor of Albany, has gone up to Oswego, under pretence of collecting some debts; but we did not put so much trust in him, as he had two loaded batteaus with him; and sent word immediately to John Fry, esq˙, that we apprehended that he had some stores for the enemy against America; which John Fry, esq˙, sent word back that their Committee should meet the next day at Van Alsten' s, for business.

From your most obedient and humble servants, WM˙ SCHUYLER,

To John Marlett, esq˙, now at New-York.

N˙ B. After the above was wrote, we received a letter informing us, that yesterday, at Abraham Hodges' s, there were a company of men met together, and in talking about the troublesome times, Esquire Peter Meetin being present amongst them, in cool blood told them that he had the King' s Proclamation from Governour Gage, to offer any person or persons who would recant from the Association and sign the King' s Proclamation, should be pardoned; and he expected soon to have all their estates to handle.

This may also inform you, that Peter Bowen, on Tripe' s Hill, refuses to sign the Association, and Nicholas Ross.