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Correspondence between Captain Wallace and Town Council of Newport, Rhode-Island


[No˙ 8.] Newport, November 17, 1775.

SIR: We received yours of this date, wherein you permit the ships under the command of Capt˙ Wallace to be supplied, weekly, with sixteen hundred weight of beef, and two hogsheads of rum. The Committee who went with the letters to Captain Wallace, to agree with him respecting his supplies of provisions, inform us that they stipulated for two thousand pound weight of beef, per week. And the last week he asked for two thousand pound weight; but when he came to receive it, took no more than one thousand six hundred and twenty-four pounds, he being governed by the number of men then belonging to his vessels here, under his command; so that we imagine he will take no more than for the number of men he now has here, and request you will allow him to take as much as he shall require, as far as the amount of two thousand pounds weight.

Signed by order and in behalf of the Town Council of Newport:

Sir, your most obedient humble servant,

WM˙ CODDINGTON, Council Clerk.

To Ezek Hopkins, Esq˙, Brigadier-General of the Forces now at Middletown.