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Town Meeting at Newport, Rhode-Island


Newport, Rhode Island, May 20, 1774.

At a town meeting, called and held at Newport, in the Colony of Rhode Island, the 20th day of May, 1774:

HENRY WARD, Esq˙, Moderator,

Voted, That we have the deepest sense of the injuries done to the town of Boston, by the Act of Parliament lately passed for putting an end to their trade, and destroying the port. And that we consider this attack upon them as utterly subversive of American liberty; for the same power may at pleasure destroy the trade, and shut up the ports of every Colony in its turn; so that there will be a total end of all property.

Voted, That we will unite with the other Colonies in all reasonable and proper measures to procure the establishment of the rights of the Colonies upon a just and


permanent foundation; and particularly, in case the other Colonies shall, upon this alarming occasion, put a stop to their trade to Great Britain and the West Indies, that we will heartily join with them in the measure.

Voted, That the Committee of Correspondence for this town, immediately transmit a copy of these resolutions to the Committee of Correspondence for the town of Boston.

Voted, That the Committee of Correspondence of this town immediately send a copy of the above resolutions to each town in this Colony.




* The above votes were passed in a very full meeting, and it is with great pleasure we inform the public that there never appeared a more universal spirit, firmness, and determined resolution, to stand by and support our brethren of Boston against the diabolical Ministerial plan of slavery, there being but one or two hands hold up against every thing bearing the least imaginable appearance of liberty. It is proposed that a number of gentlemen immediately form a company for carrying on the woollen manufacture in this Colony in the most extensive manner, there being quite wool enough raised here to clothe all the inhabitants.