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Report on the Letter from Dartmouth


The Committee on the Letter from Dartmouth again reported.

After debates had thereon, the question was put, whether said Report be accepted, and it passed in the negative.

The former Report was then resumed, amended, and accepted, viz:

Inasmuch as the time prefixed by the Continental Congress, prohibiting all exportation to Great Britain, Ireland, and the English West-India Islands, is not yet come; yet, as this Colony, in union with the sister Colonies on this Continent, are unhappily engaged in an unnatural war with the Parent State, it behooves us, under such circumstances, to take all possible precaution that none of the inhabitants of this Colony supply those who are seeking our ruin with Provisions, or any materials that shall enable them to execute their cruel designs against us:

Therefore, Resolved, That from and after the fifteenth day of August, instant, no Ship or Vessel shall sail out of any Port in this Colony on any whaling voyage whatever, without leave first had and obtained from the Great and General Court of this Colony, or from some Committee or Committees or persons they shall appoint to grant such leave; and that it be recommended to the honourable Board to write Letters to the several Assemblies of the other New-England Colonies, advising them to pass a similar Resolve, and likewise that this Resolve be printed in the several Newspapers of Cambridge and Watertown, and in handbills; and that Captain Goodman and Captain Stone, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee for getting the same printed and dispersed to the several seaports in this Colony.

In Council, August 14, 1775: Read and concurred, and Dr˙ Taylor is joined.