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Information Received from Lord Stirling


The Committee who went to confer with Lord Stirling, on the sundry matters given to them in charge, as appears by the entry thereof in the Minutes of yesterday, reported: That they had conferred with Lord Stirling; that he had given the following information to them, which he had received this morning, to wit: That a Brigantine came into the Hook yesterday evening, and came to an anchor under the stem of the Phenix, and that the people on board gave three cheers; that four sail of large Vessels are in the Hook, and a Snow in the offing; that by another person advice was received from Nassau-Island, that six or seven topsail Vessels are in the Hook.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Captain Rutgers and Captain Randall be a Committee to despatch a proper person to the Narrows by land, and another person in a Whale-Boat to the Hook, to make discoveries, and return and report to this Committee with all possible despatch.

The said Committee reported as to the matters given them in charge, that they had settled a plan with Lord Stirling for supplying the Ships-of-War and Governour Tryon' s Ship with Provisions, (subject to the approbation and confirmation of this Congress,) in the words following, to wit:

In order to prevent any obstructions to the supply of Provisions, and other necessaries, being furnished to the Ships-of-War and the Governour' s Ship, pursuant to a former order of this Congress,

It is Resolved and Ordered, That whenever Provisions or Supplies are to be furnished to either of the said Ships, the Port-Master appointed by this Congress shall go with the said Provisions or Supplies, and see the same delivered on board the said Ships; that he take with him only such persons as are necessary to navigate the Boat or Boats carrying such Provisions and Supplies, or such person or persons as shall have the special permission of the Congress or Committee of Safety, countersigned by the General; and that the said Port-Master, and all the navigators of the said Boat, or Boats, be under oath that he, or they, will not disclose any matters whatsoever on board of the said Ships, relative to the Fortifications erecting for the defence of this Colony; that he, the said Port-Master, will not suffer any of the men that he carries with him in the said Boat, or Boats, to go on board either of the said Ships, and that he will not carry, or suffer to be carried, any Letter or Papers to, or from, the said Ships, but such as he shall be first satisfied contain no intelligence of a publick nature. That this supply is to take place, and be continued, on condition that there be no obstruction given to any Boats or Vessels bringing Provisions, Provender, or Firewood to this City.

The Congress agreed with their Committee in this part of their Report, and confirms the same.

The said Committee further reported: That as to the firing of the Sentinels on the Boats coming to and departing from this City, they had, in conjunction with Lord Stirling, settled and agreed on such orders with him, to be issued to the Troops by Lord Stirling, as will prevent that inconvenience for the future; and that Lord Stirling will, towards evening, transmit to this Congress a copy of such orders, and requested a copy of the Regulations for supplying Provisions to the Ships by them above reported, if the same should be agreed to and confirmed by this Congress.

Ordered, That one of the Secretaries prepare and certify a copy of the said Plan or Regulations agreed on for supplying the Ships-of-War and Governour Tryon' s Ship with Provisions, and transmit the same to Lord Stirling.


And Ordered, That another copy be prepared for the Port-Master, and that he attend here at five o' clock to receive Instructions.

The said Committee further reported: That as to the other matter given to them in charge, to wit: "the apprehending and sending into confinement in this and a neighbouring Colony, sundry inhabitants of this City and Colony, without the knowledge of, or application to, this Congress," and the reasons thereof, that Lord Stirling had assured them that the like should not happen in time to come; that he informed them that John Gregg was apprehended, and is now confined in the Guard-House at the Barracks, for having, in the night time, attacked the sentinels on duty at their posts; and that he submits his trial and punishment to the Congress. That Governour Tryon' s two servants and his linen will be sent to his ship by the first provision-boat; that the seamen who lately came from the Ship Dutchess of Gordon, and were apprehended, desire that they may not return on board; and that the sole occasion of the apprehending Samuel Gale, and sending him to confinement, arose from copies of some letter, or letters, which were in the custody of a certain Colonel William Williams, a Member of this Congress; that he knows of no other evidence against him, and submits his case entirely to this Congress. That his Lordship assured them that, for the future, any persons apprehended shall not be sent out of the Colony; but their cases respectively (if any be apprehended) shall be referred to this Congress. That he further declared that it was not his wish or desire to interfere with the civil Government or police of the City or Colony, but, on the contrary, to harmonize with and aid the civil Government.

The said Committee then informed the Congress that Lord Stirling had requested them to inform this Congress that the present Prison or Jail of this City will, in a short time, be within some military lines; that it will be inconvenient to have the Jailer and Prisoners within the lines; that he will be under a necessity of applying the Jail to other uses; and, therefore, requests the Congress to take into their consideration what may be necessary to be directed as to the Jailer and the Prisoners.