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George Bethune, now of Jamaica, in Queen' s County


Ordered, That Colonel Lasher collect the Accounts of the expenses attending the watching for and taking of the Sloop from Dutchess County, which was lately taken near Speyt den Duyvel, and lay them before the Committee.

The Committee having, from the examinations of George Nicholson, good reasons to believe that George Bethune, now of Jamaica, in Queen' s County, late of Boston, in Massachusetts-Bay, has been carrying on a correspondence with His Majesty' s Army and Navy, against the liberties of America,

Ordered, therefore, That the said George Bethune, with such Letters and Papers as may be found in his house, be taken and brought before this Committee; and that the method of taking him, and direction of that matter, be committed to Mr˙ Sears.

Mr˙ Roosevelt dissents.

The Committee adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.