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Mr˙ Dickinson' s Reply


Mr˙ Dickinson being absent this day, on account of the funeral of a relation, the next day the Chairman, in a very obliging manner, delivered to him from the Chair the thanks of the Committee; to which he replied:

"Mr˙ CHAIRMAN: I heartily thank this respectable Assembly for the honour they have conferred upon me, but want words to express the sense I feel of their kindness. The mere accidents of meeting with particular books, and conversing with particular men, led me into the train of sentiments which the Committee are pleased to think just; and others, with the like opportunities of information, would much better have deserved to receive the thanks they now generously give. I consider the approbation of this company as an evidence that they entertain a favourable opinion of my good intentions, and as an encouragement for all to apply themselves, in these unhappy times, to the service of the publick, since even small endeavours to promote that service, can find a very valuable reward. I will try, during the remainder of my life, to remember my duty to our common country, and, if it be possible, to render myself worthy of the honour for which I now stand so deeply indebted.

I thank you, sir, for the polite and affectionate manner in which you have communicated the sense of the Committee to me."