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Richard Bland


Saturday, July 22, 1775.

Richard Bland, Esq˙, a Member of this Convention, and one of the Deputies appointed to represent this Colony in General Congress, informed the Convention, that certain false and scandalous reports, highly reflecting on him in his publick character, had been propagated: to wit, that he had made application to the Earl of Dartmouth, or some of the Ministry, for an appointment to collect the Taxes imposed on America by Parliament; and that, as an inducement to them to grant the same, had promised to promote the designs of the Ministry against this Country; and, also, that his conduct in General Congress had been such that he was obliged suddenly to decamp from the City of Philadelphia. That he had served as a Member of the General Assembly for upwards of thirty years, and hoped the pan he had always publickly taken would have secured him, in his age, from an imputation so injurious to his character. That he earnestly requested a full and publick inquiry should be made into the truth of the said reports; and that the Rev˙ Samuel Shield, the Rev˙ John Hurt, and Samuel Overton, and Joseph Smith, who, he understood, had propagated the said reports, should be summoned to attend the said inquiry; and that every other person who had heard any thing of the said reports would also attend, that the fullest examination might be made into the truth thereof.

Resolved, That this Convention will, on Friday next, examine into the truth of the reports mentioned in the said information.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Thomas Claiborne be appointed Messenger to this Convention; and that he summon the Rev˙ Samuel Shield, the Rev˙ John Hurt, and Samuel Overton, and Joseph Smith, to attend this Convention on Friday next.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Travis be added to the Committee appointed to prepare and bring in an Ordinance for raising and embodying a sufficient Force for the defence of this Colony.

Adjourned till Monday, nine o' clock.