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Report of the Committee on the Petition of Sheppard and Hunt


The Committee appointed to consider the Petition of Messrs˙ Sheppard and Hunt , reported:

The Committee appointed to take into consideration the Petition of Messrs˙ Sheppard and Hunt, with the Account committed, having examined the same, beg leave to report facts as they find them relative thereto, viz: That in June last the late Congress for this Colony appointed a Committee to inquire into the state of and organize a Battalion of men then at Ticonderoga, who were to be supplied with every necessary from New-York, as ordered by the Continental Congress. That the said Provincial Committee gave no orders to Colonel Easton, or the Surgeon they had appointed, to provide Medicine for said Battalion, but that the committed Account have, by said Colonel Easton' s order, been forwarded to the use of said Battalion. Your Committee also find that the said Committee appointed by the late Congress, appointed a Committee of Supplies near Ticonderoga, lest the service might suffer through any deficiency from New-York, which Committee of Supplies your Committee do not find were applied to for said Medicine. All which facts are humbly submitted to the honourable House, that they may take such older thereon as to their wisdom may seem proper.

THOMAS RICE, per order.

The Report was recommitted.