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Ridgefield (Connecticut) Resolutions



Whereas, application hath been made to the Selectmen of the Town of Ridgefield, in Connecticut Colony, by several of the Inhabitants of said Town, to call a special Town Meeting, in order to take into consideration the Resolutions entered into by the Continental Congress; and the Inhabitants being accordingly met on the 30th day of January, 1775,

NATHAN OLMSTEAD was chosen Moderator.

The meeting then proceeded to take into consideration the said Resolutions; and, after mature deliberation, the question was put, "whether this Town will adopt and conform to the Resolves contained in the Association of the Continental Congress or not?"

Resolved in the negative (nine dissentients only.)

2d. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That we do acknowledge his most sacred Majesty, King George the Third, to be our rightful Sovereign; and do hereby publickly avow our allegiance to him and his legal successors; and that we will, to the utmost of our power, support his throne and dignity against every combination in the universe.

3d. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That we acknowledge that the three branches of Legislation, to wit: the King, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons, concurring and acting together, have a constitutional right of government over the whole and every part of the British Empire.

4th. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That the Governour, Council, and Representatives of this Colony, being indulged with, and having an established right of legislation (though restricted) in and over this Colony, and do hereby acknowledge and avow their right of Government and legislation in and over this Colony, and are confident that they are the rightful and constitutional rulers, directors, and guardians of our persons, properties, rights, liberties, and privileges; and we desire no other political guides or guardians than said Assembly, and the Officers constitutionally appointed by them to keep the peace and order of the Colony, and to superintend the execution of the Colony Laws.

5th. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That it would be dangerous and hurtful to the inhabitants of this Town to adopt said Congress' s measures; and we hereby publickly disapprove of, and protest against said Congress, and the measures by them directed, as unconstitutional, as subversive of our real liberties, and as countenancing licentiousness.


6th. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That the Town Clerk be desired to make put a true copy of the aforesaid Resolves, and transmit them to one or more of the Printers in New-York, that they may be published to the world.


P˙ S˙ There were present in said meeting about two hundred voters; and the said Resolutions are entered on the Town Records.