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Managers of the Two Houses in Conference on the Address


WEDNESDAY, February 8, 1775.

A Message from the Lords by Mr˙ Browning and Mr˙ Leeds:

Mr˙ Speaker:

The Lords do desire a conference with this House in the Painted Chamber, this day, at three of the clock, upon the subject matter of the conference of yesterday.

And then the Messengers withdrew.

Resolved, That this House doth agree to a conference with the Lords, as is desired by their Lordships.

And the Messengers were again called in; and Mr˙ Speaker acquainted them therewith.

And then the Messengers again withdrew.

The time being come for the conference with the Lords,

Ordered, That the Managers who managed the last conference do manage this conference.

And the names of the Managers were called over, and they went to the conference.

And being returned;

The Lord North reported that the Managers had met the Lords at the conference; which was managed on the part of the Lords by the Lord President of the Council, who acquainted them that the Lords had taken into consideration the Address yesterday communicated to their Lordships at a conference, and had agreed to the said Address, and filled up the blank with "Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and".

A Message from the Lords, by Mr˙ Browning and Mr˙ Leeds:

Mr˙ Speaker:

His Majesty having appointed to-morrow, at three of the clock, at his Palace of Saint James' s, to be attended with the Address of both Houses of Parliament, the Lords do intend to be there at that time.

And then the Messengers withdrew.