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Committee Appointed to Explain


Sunday, October 22, 1775.

The Council met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That the Sheriff of Johnston County immediately take into his possession all the Real and Personal Estate of John Greshan, unless he gives bond, with good and sufficient security, in the sum of two hundred and twenty Pounds, payable to the Justices of the Inferiour Court of Johnston County and their successors; conditioned


that he, the said John Greshan, shall well and truly settle with the said Court the accounts of the Estate of Sill Johnston, deceased, and pay into the hands of the Guardian to the Orphans of the deceased all such sums of Money which shall be directed by order of the said Court to be paid to the said Guardians; and that the said Sheriff shall keep the said Estate in his hands, unless such bond and security is given, until the meeting of Johnston Inferiour Court, and then deliver the same up to the Justices of the said Court, that they may make such order concerning the same as to them may seem just, it having on oath been made appear to this Council, that the said John Greshan was about to leave the Province in a private manner.

Resolved, That Samuel Ashe, Esq˙, pay into the hands of Thomas Eaton, Esq˙, for the use of Captain William Green, one hundred and twenty Pounds, to be applied to the enlisting of Regular Soldiers, and be allowed in his account with the publick.

The Council being informed that discontents had taken place among the people in the County of New-Hanover, arising perhaps from mistake and misrepresentation, and that in consequence thereof they had publickly protested against the proceedings of the late Congress:

Resolved, That this Council do highly disapprove of such conduct, as tending to create divisions, which may prove prejudicial to the cause of liberty; and they do therefore recommend to Mr˙ President, Samuel Ashe, and John Ashe, Esquires, to explain the proceedings of the Congress to the people abovementioned, and endeavour, by argument and persuasion, to promote that harmony which is so essential for the preservation of the rights of America.

Whereas the mode by Congress provided for securing Debts due from persons suspected of an intention to abscond is found defective, as no application can be made but in term time, or at the sitting of the Committees:

Resolved, That the Committees of Safety and County Committees, in their respective jurisdictions, may make such other and further regulations with respect to this point as to them shall appear necessary.


Resolved, That the Colonel of each regular Regiment in this Province have a power to appoint a Clerk, by warrant, under their hands, to each Regiment, who shall receive the same pay that Clerks upon the Continental establishment receive for their service.

Resolved, That the Committees of the several Counties and Towns, and the Committees of Safety for the several Districts of this Province, be required to exert their utmost influence to forward and hasten the Minute service, and procure the several Battalions of Minute-Men to be completed with all possible despatch; and that the Militia be immediately embodied, and Adjutants employed to instruct them in military discipline, agreeable to the Resolutions of the Provincial Congress; the same being of very great importance to the publick safety.

Whereas it appears to this Council, that, from the great extent of Rowan County, it is very inconvenient and burdensome for the Militia thereof to assemble at any one place therein, and that a division of the Rowan Regiment would ease the inhabitants, and encourage military discipline; therefore,

Resolved, That the Regiment of Militia in the said County of Rowan shall be divided by a line beginning at the Catawba River, where Lord Granville' s south line crosses the same; thence running up the said River, in the middle of the main stream thereof, to the mouth of the Lower Creek; thence a due north course to the dividing ridge between the waters of the Catawba and the Yadkin Rivers; and that all the Militia of said County, on the west side of said line, shall be, and is hereby made and established a new and distinct Regiment, and shall be known and distinguished by the name of the Second Regiment of Rowan Militia.

Resolved, That Commissions issue to the Field-Officers of the Second Regiment of Rowan Militia.

Resolved, That it be, and it is hereby recommended to the Committees of Safety, who have not yet met, to meet in their respective Districts on or before the last Tuesday in November next.


By order: