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September 15, 1775


Friday, September 15, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

On motion made, Resolved, That Dr˙ Thomas Walker be appointed a Commissioner for Indian Affairs in the Middle Department, in the room of Mr˙ Patrick Henry, who has declined that service.

The Delegates from Georgia informed the Congress, that when the Convention of that Colony agreed to enter into the General Association, they resolved, among other things, "that if any Vessel arrived from Great Britain, between the 6th day of July and the 6th of August, the Goods imported in them should be stored, and there remain until the Congress determined what should be done with them." That during that time two Vessels had arrived with Goods, which were accordingly stored; they therefore desired the determination of the Congress on that matter.

The Congress taking this matter into consideration,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of Georgia to cause the Cargoes which have arrived there from Great Britain or Ireland, between the 6th day of July and the 6th day of August, at the election of the Proprietors, either to be sent back or sold at publick auction; that out of the moneys arising from such sales, the Proprietors or Shippers be paid the prime cost of said Cargoes, and all charges attending the same, and that the overplus be retained by the said Convention, and by them applied toward putting their Province into a posture of defence.

Adjourned till nine o' clock, to-morrow.