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Speech delivered by several Chiefs


May 9. A Speech delivered by several Chiefs, Six Nations and Delawares.

"BROTHER: (the Governour of Virginia,) No doubt you have been informed by the officer commanding at this place of the misfortunes which have lately happened in this country. And we now declare to you, as well as to


all our brethren, (the English,) that we had no suspicion of so much mischief being done, as we have always on our parts made it our constant study to promote the peace subsisting between our brethren (the English) and us, and we also assure you that we still continue to preserve that chain of friendship; and we hope that such of you, our brethren, the white people, who are in authority, will do every thing in your powers to prevent your rash people from committing further hostilities upon us.

"BROTHER: We have to request you in a particular manner to be strong, and consider what may be best to be done with those flagrant offenders of our peace.

"As to us, we have the satisfaction to inform you, that we have received a message from the Lower Towns, informing us that all the Indians there remained quiet, and that they have submitted the loss they have sustained to the candour and justice of your wise people." (A belt.)