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Council of North-Carolina



At a Council held at Newbern, the 13th of April, 1775, Present: His Excellency the Governour, the Honourable James Hasell, Alexander McCulloch, William Dry, Samuel Strudwick, Martin Howard, and Samuel Cornell, Esquires:

The Governour laid before the Board the Proceedings of a body of people calling themselves Delegates of the Inhabitants of this Province in Convention, signed John Harvey, Moderator, wherein are certain Resolves highly derogatory to the honour and dignity of His Majesty' s Government, tending to destroy the peace and welfare of this Province, in the highest degree oppressive of the people, and utterly subversive of the established Constitution:

He, therefore, submitted to the consideration of this Board the propriety of marking its indignation of such unlawful and dangerous proceedings, by striking Mr˙ John Harvey out of His Majesty' s Commission of the Peace for the County of Perquimans, where he resides.

The Board fully concurring with His Excellency' s sentiments of the foregoing proceedings, unanimously advised that the said John Harvey should be struck out of the Commission of the Peace for Perquimans County.

The Honourable William Dry, Esquire, took again the oath appointed to be taken by Privy Counsellors.