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Report of the Committee on the Petition of Messrs. Obrian and Foster


The Report of the Committee appointed on the Petition of Messrs˙ Obrian and Foster, in behalf of the Inhabitants of Machias. Read, and ordered to lie on the table till the afternoon.

Benjamin White, Esq˙, brought down from the Board the Resolve upon the Petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Watertown , respecting the removal of the Poor of the Town of Boston.

Ordered, That Monday, ten o' clock, be assigned for the choice of a Committee to prepare an estimate of the charges which have arisen to this Colony in the defence of the common cause.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hopkins, Colonel Orne, and Major Brooks, be a Committee to consider what provision shall be made for the Indian Chief of the Tribe of St˙ Fran├žois, on his journey from this place to Ticonderoga.


Ordered, That a Message go to the honourable Board, to know if they have passed upon the Bill for the emission of an Hundred Thousand Pounds; and if they have, to know whether they have concurred.

Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, came down and informed the House, that the honourable Board had not concurred in the Bill for the emission of One Hundred Thousand Pounds.

Ordered, That the Secretary he directed to bring down the said Bill to the House.

The Bill was accordingly brought down, and read.

Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, brought down from the Board their Resolve for appointing a Standing Committee of Intelligence, and also a Letter to General Schuyler, relative to one of the Chiefs of the St˙ Fran├žois Indians.

Upon a motion made by Major Fuller, requesting some instructions with regard to the articles of Clothing received in accordance to the Resolve of the 9th of July last,

Ordered, That the whole cost necessarily arising upon said Clothing be put upon those articles.

John Colvill' s Account, recommitted to the Committee on Accounts.

The Bill for an emission of One Hundred Thousand Pounds was read again the second time, and amended, and ordered to be read again on Monday morning, nine o' clock.

Then the House adjourned till Monday morning, nine o' clock.