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Committee of Mamacoting Precinct to the Delegates in Provincial Congress



Mamacoting Precinct, December 22, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Whereas there have been commissions granted by the Committee of Safety for the Province of New-York, for officers for the northeast division of the Precinct of Mamacoting, which officers were not legally chosen; and in order to have that affair rectified, we apply to you, being both of our delegates in Provincial Congress.

In a letter directed to us by Colonel Jacob Hornbeck, dated October the 19th, 1775, we were informed that there was a return made to Congress the 19th of August last, signed John Young, Chairman, of John Crage, Captain, John Graham, First Lieutenant, John McKinster, Second Lieutenant, and John McCrery, Ensign; which return we testify to be a counterfeit, and was countermanded in a letter by us directed to Colonel Hornbeck, who was then one our our delegates, dated October the 26th, 1775; and the officers legally elected or chosen were returned in said letter, viz: John Crage, Captain, Manuel Gunsalis, First Lieutenant, William Rose, Second Lieutenant, and Isaac Rosa, Ensign.

Whereas this mistake creates a great uneasiness in the company, we request the favour of you, or either of you, to explain the affiar to Congress, and have it rectified.

As for John Crage, as he was legally chosen Captain, he has signed the Declaration; so we conclude there will be no need of another commission for him; but refer it entirely to your better judgment.

Gentlemen, your speedy compliance with our request will greatly oblige your humble servant.

By order of the Committee:
JOHN YOUNG, Chairman.

To Andreas De Witt, Esq˙, and Mr˙ Samuel Brewster, Delegates in Provincial Congress.

P˙ S. Whereas there is a return made to us of the officers elected for the Coshocton Company, we return them to you, in order to grant them commissions, viz: Bezaleel Tyler, Jun˙, Captain; Nathaniel Reves, First Lieutenant; Moses Thomas, Second Lieutenant; Nathan Mitchell, Ensign.