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Two hundred and fifty Coats, of a large size, to be made for the Green Mountain Boys


Ordered, That Blank Warrants be sent to General Schuyler, for the seven Captains and fourteen Lieutenants of the Troops to be raised by this Colony from among those called Green Mountain Boys.

Ordered, That General Schuyler be requested and authorized to appoint a Lieutenant-Colonel or Major, or both, for the Troops to be raised by this Colony from among those called Green Mountain Boys, when such a number of them are raised as (in his opinion) shall make it necessary.

Resolved, That when the Green Mountain Boys are raised, each of them shall be furnished with a Coat; and that Mr˙ Peter T˙ Curtenius be requested to purchase coarse green Cloth for that purpose, and red Cloth sufficient to face those Coats, and to have two hundred and twenty-five Coats, of a large size, made of the said Cloth.

Messrs˙ Low, Walton, Micheau, Conner, Journey, and Polhemus, dissent.

And Ordered, That Mr˙ Peter T˙ Curtenius be requested to purchase proper materials for Tents, and get a sufficient number of Tents made for two hundred and twenty-five men of the Green Mountain Boys, as soon as proper materials for Tents can be procured.


Ordered, That a Letter be wrote to the Hon˙ Robert R˙ Livingston, Esq˙, requesting that all the Gunpowder now at the Powder Mill at Rhinebeck be sent to Walter Livingston, Esq˙, Deputy Commissary-General at Albany, to be by him forwarded to General Schuyler, at Ticonderoga, or his order, agreeable to General Schuyler' s request.

A Letter from Mr˙ Ethan Allen, bearing date at Ticonderoga, on the 20th July, ultimo, was read and filed. He thereby assures the Congress that he will use his influence to promote a reconciliation between this Government and its former discontented subjects on the New-Hampshire Grants.

A Letter from Angus McDonald, bearing date at Fairfield, on the 11th instant, directed to any Printer, and complaining of ill treatment by one of the Riflemen, was read and filed.

A Memorial of Captain Jacobus Wynkoop, dated this day, alleging that, considering his age and former services, he conceives himself aggrieved in his rank and situation in the Troops now raised in this Colony, was read and filed.

A Letter from Captain Henry B˙ Livingston, bearing date the 10th instant, informing that the Soldiers in his Company are dissatisfied because they are not allowed Underclothes, was read and filed.

A Letter of William Duer, Esq˙, bearing date this day, was read and filed. He thereby expresses his respect and gratitude for the confidence this Congress placed in his zeal for the publick service, in appointing him Deputy Adjutant-General, and requesting an indulgence of three days, to determine whether his connection with his brothers in Dominica will admit of his accepting the commission, without risking their fortune by his political conduct.

A Letter from General Montgomery, of the 10th instant, was read and filed. He thereby requests that each of the Provincial Troops sent forward to Ticonderoga may be furnished with Gunpowder, at the rate of a quarter of a pound per man.

Two copies of the Association, signed by the Inhabitants of Amenia Precinct, in Dutchess County, were returned and filed.

The Congress then adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.