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Letters to the Committee of Machias and Northampton, on Lieutenant Knight' s Plans



GENTLEMEN: Yours of the 29th of January last, by Captain Willard, to the President of the Council, is now before us. The subject matter thereof hath been duly considered. Although we could wish that the plans in possession of Lieutenant Knight had been detained, yet we are far from censuring the inhabitants of Machias for not doing it. We are informed they are now in his hands-some stops will be taken to secure them. We approve the measures you have taken with regard to Lieutenant Spry' s goods. You will safely retain the whole in your possession, until the further order of this Court.

GENTLEMEN: We are informed that Lieutenant Knight, now confined to the town of Northampton, hath in his possession some valuable and important plans, which, if they should fall into the hands of our enemies, would not only deprive us of an actual survey of our own sea-coast, but enable them with more facility to annoy and distress us. You will, therefore, take all such plans, minutes, and sketches, which he may have relative thereto, into your possession, and safely keep them until the further order of this Court, and advise this Court of your doings.

IN COUNCIL, February 16, 1776: Read, and accepted, and Ordered, That the first Letter herein mentioned be signed by the Secretary, by order of the General Court, and be sent to the Committee of Safety at Machias; and that the last recited Letter be signed by the Secretary by order aforesaid, and be sent to the Committee of Correspondence of Northampton. Sent down for concurrence.

PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.

IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, February 17, 1776: Read, and concurred.

WILLIAM COOPER, Speaker pro tem.