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Suffolk County (New-York) Committee



At a Meeting of the Committees of Observation for the several Towns and Districts of Huntington, Smithtown, Islip, and Southhaven, and some of the principal inhabitants of the Town of Brookhaven, in the County of Suffolk, and Province of New-York, held at Smithtown, on the 23d day of February, 1775,

Colonel PLATT CONKLIN, being Chairman:

1. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That the Proceedings of the Committee of Correspondence for this County, at their meeting on the 15th of November last, be published in the New-York Journal, or General Advertiser.

Which Proceedings are as followeth:


"At a Meeting of the Committee of Correspondence for the County of Suffolk, in the Province of New-York, at the County Hall, on the 15th day of November, 1774:

1. Voted, That we do recommend it to the several Towns in this County to set forward a subscription for the employment and relief of the distressed poor in the Town of Boston, to be collected in such manner as the Committees in each Town shall judge proper; to be in readiness to be forwarded early next Spring.

2. Voted, That Mr˙ John Foster have the care of procuring a Vessel to call at the several Harbours in this County to receive and carry the above donations to Boston for the purpose aforesaid.

3. Voted, That we do fully approve of the Proceedings of the late Continental Congress, and recommend it to the Committees of the different Towns to see that the Association by them entered into on behalf of themselves and their constituents, be strictly observed.

Signed by order of the Committees,


2. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That we think ourselves under obligations of gratitude to the worthy gentlemen in particular who represented this County in the late Continental Congress, and to that whole assembly in general, for their noble, patriotick, and faithful discharge of their important trust.

3. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That a Letter be sent to William Nicoll, and Nathaniel Woodhull, Esquires, Representatives of this County, informing them that if a motion should be made in the House for appointing Delegates to represent this Province at the Continental Congress to be held at Philadelphia, in May next, it is our opinion and desire that they should join in their appointment.

4. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That in case the Assembly do not appoint Delegates for the purpose above mentioned, the Committee of Correspondence for the City of New-York be desired, and they are accordingly hereby desired in that case to call a Provincial Convention for that purpose.

5. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That we do highly disapprove of the conduct of Major Benjamin Floyd, and others, inhabitants of Brookhaven, in this County, as it is represented in Mr˙ Rivington' s and Mr˙ Gaine' s Papers; and it is our firm opinion that most of the subscribers to the writing in said Papers mentioned, were induced to sign it by unfair practices and misrepresentations; for we are credibly informed that a great number of them are very much dissatisfied that they have signed an instrument which they since understand is in opposition to the measures of the Congress, and unfriendly to the liberties of their country.

6. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That we think that all those publications which have a tendency to divide us, and thereby weaken our opposition to measures taken to enslave us, ought to be treated with the utmost contempt by every friend to his country; in particular the Pamphlet entitled "A Friendly Address," &c˙, and those under the signature of "A˙ W˙ Farmer," and many others to the same purpose, which are replete with the most impudent falsehoods, and the grossest misrepresentations; and that the Authors, Printers, and abetters of the above and such like publications, ought to be esteemed and treated as traitors to their country, and enemies to the liberties of America.

Signed by order of the meeting,


N˙ B˙ Most of the Towns and Districts in this County have, at publick Town Meetings fully adopted the measures recommended by the Congress, and determined upon a strict observance of the Association.