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George Stricker to Maryland Council of Safety



Fredericktown, February 27, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: A gentleman in this town having lately purchased an assortment of goods, amongst which, (besides a sufficient quantity of deep blue broadcloth, from fifteen shillings to fifteen shillings and six pence per yard, to clothe about two hundred men, and six thousand good oiled gun-flints,) he has about two hundred of the best kind of French match-coat blankets, which he will spare for the County' s use, at one pound three shillings a pair, that being (he says) the price the Province of Pennsylvania allows him for them. I should be glad to know whether, or not, I may be permitted to purchase a sufficient quantity of the blankets for the use of my company at that price, as I know of none else here to be had, and the company cannot do without. I have purchased cloth for the use of my company, though at a higher price than limited; but, as the men are very agreeable the overplus should be deducted out of their wages, hope you will be kind enough to be answerable for


the full amount. I have likewise agreed for their breeches, and they are all well armed; and, as their clothes will be finished in about a week, nothing will retard our march, after the expiration of that time, but the want of blankets.

I am, honourable gentlemen, with due respect, your obliged, humble servant,

To the Council of Safety of Maryland.