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Meeting of Assembly of Massachusetts


Boston, Wednesday, May 25, 1774.

This being the anniversary day appointed by the Royal Charter, for convening a great and general Court or Assembly of this Province, and for the election of his Majesty' s Council, the gentlemen who were returned to serve and represent the several towns, met a Committee from the Honourable Board, authorized and appointed by his Excellency the Governour, administered the oaths required by Act of Parliament to the members of the House, who, after having taken the oath of abjuration, and subscribed the declaration, they unanimously chose Mr˙ Samuel Adams for their Clerk; the House then proceeded to the choice of a Speaker, when the Honourable Thomas Cushing, Esquire, was unanimously chosen and approved.

For the late Colony of MASSACHUSETTS BAY. — The Honourable Samuel Danforth, John Erving, James Bowdoin, James Pitts, Samuel Dexter, Artemas Ward, Benjamin Greenleaf, Caleb Cushing, Samuel Phillips, John Winthrop, William Phillips, John Adams, James Prescott, Timothy Danielson, Richard Derby, Jun˙, Michael, Farley, Benjamin Austin, Norton Quincy, Esquires.

For the late Colony of PLYMOUTH. — James Otis, William Sever, Walter Spooner, Jerathmeel Bowers, Esquires.

For the Province of MAINE. — Jeremiah Powell, Jedediah Prebble, Enoch Freeman, Esquires.

For SAGADAHOCK. — Benjamin Chadburne, Esq.

At Large.George Leonard, Jun˙, Jedediah Foster, Esquires.

Before the election of Counsellors, letters were received from the Honourable Isaac Royall and James Gowan, Esquires, resigning their seats at the Board.