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Connecticut Committee of Safety


On a representation and request from the authority, &c˙, of Fairfield, by Letters from Colonel Silliman and Mr˙ Burr, setting forth their exposed situation, and necessity of defence, &c˙, and the circumstances of their harbour, the second best in the Colony, &c˙, and requesting Powder, Cannon and Ball, &c˙, and at least twenty-five Men to be raised, and sundry things; and in part compliance with their request, on consideration of the case, it is

Voted, allowed, and Ordered, That twenty-five able-bodied, effective Men be raised, by voluntary inlistment, at the discretion of the authority and Selectmen of said Town, under the command of a Lieutenant and two Sergeants, to be improved in erecting works of defence, at such place and manner, in said Town, as the said authority shall direct, and for watching, &c˙, as shall be necessary, to continue until the first day of November next, unless sooner released by the General Assembly or this Board; and to have the same pay and wages as the Army near Boston, and to be allowed eight Pence per day for their provision and support during said term; and

Voted, That on sending to General Washington the wo tons of Powder, ordered this day, a Letter be written to him, informing of it, &c˙, and requesting him that four tons, in the whole, be replaced by him, of what he may have coming from Philadelphia, or otherwise, viz;


one ton to be lodged at Fairfield, one at New-Haven, and two tons at Middletown, in lieu of so much received from us.

Voted, That thirty stand of Arms, fitted out of the barrels received from Crown-Point, be sent to General Washington, having been earnestly requested by him, &c.

Voted, That Mr˙ Lemuel Bryant, of Middleborough, as a Cannon-Founder, at Salisbury, and David Carver, Zebulon White, and David Oldman, in those parts, as Moulders, and that said Bryant procure four Moulders for Shot, and he to come by 15th March, and the rest by 1st April. (And wrote accordingly.)