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John Sherlcok' s Recantation



Whereas, I, the subscriber, have thoughtlessly and imprudently at sundry times expressed myself to the following purpose: that such people as oppose the present ministerial measures respecting America are rebels, and that I expect to be employed at a future day in hanging them; and if no hemp could be had I had flax enough; and that I wanted no greater bondage, under the name of liberty, than to be bound by the Association; and I have also expressed myself very imprudently in calling the Independent Company of this County an unlawful mob, and many other idle and foolish words: I do hereby, in the most solemn and serious manner, declare that at those times, when I have held such language, I did not mean as much as I said; and I do hereby declare my most unfeigned sorrow for what I have done or said, and in the most humble manner ask the pardon of the said Independent Company, which was accordingly done by application being made to each member of the said company respectively; and I declare I look upon the said company as a very respectable body of men, and, upon the most calm reflection, I declare my opinion to be altered. I most heartily wish success to this my native Country in her present honest struggle for liberty with the Mother Country, and do here promise to do all in my power to retrieve my character with my countrymen, This acknowledgment and confession I make freely and voluntarily, and desire the same may be published in the publick papers.