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Rev. Haddon Smith Declared to be Unfriendly to America


Monday, July 17, 1775.

Resolved, That the Reverend Mr˙ Haddon Smith, by twice refusing to comply with the request of this Congress, and to join on a day of Fasting and Prayer, appointed by the Continental Congress to be observed throughout all America, besides the day appointed by his Excellency the Governour, at the request of this Congress, has given too much reason to believe he does not wish that the happy event, mentioned in the American Proclamation, may take place, and that the said Mr˙ Haddon Smith has thereby incurred the censure of this Congress, and ought to be considered as unfriendly to America.

Resolved nemine contradicente, That the Delegates appointed by this Congress to go to Philadelphia, do apply to the Continental Congress to incorporate this Province with the other united Provinces of North America, and that they pledge the faith of us and our constituents, to contribute an adequate part of the expenses which have or may accrue, in the defence of the violated rights of America.

Resolved, That the Council of Safety have full power, upon every emergency, during the recess of Congress, to give such information and propose such measures, by way of advice to our Continental Delegates, as the circumstances of the case may require, and they shall think conducive to the publick good.

Resolved, That it be strongly recommended to the friends of America in this Province, that they use their utmost endeavours to preserve peace and good order, and to cultivate harmony with one another, and always to avoid national reflections, which can only tend to produce divisions and jealousies among the inhabitants.

Resolved, That this Congress do adjourn to the nineteenth day of August next, and that the General Committee have power to call it to sit at Savannah sooner, if they, upon any emergency, shall deem it expedient for the good of the Province. By order of the Congress.

A true Copy from the Minutes: