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Committee for Publishing Extracts from the Journals


Ordered, That, for the more expeditious publication of the proceedings of Congress, Colonel Laurens, Mr˙ Bee, and Mr˙ Thomas Heyward, Jun˙, be a Committee to extract from the Journals, and send to the press from day to day, such parts thereof as are proper to be made publick, and to cause a sufficient number of copies to be printed for the use of the Members.

Colonel Laurens, President of the Council of Safety, reported that a packet of very interesting intelligence had this morning been received by that Board, by express from Philadelphia, which they were ready to lay before the Congress, if it should be their pleasure.

Ordered, That the contents of the said packet be immediately laid before the Congress, and read.

The following were accordingly read, viz:

Letter from the Delegates of this Colony in the Continental Congress, dated Philadelphia, January 2, 1776, enclosing the following copies of intercepted Letters, certified by Charles Thomson, Secretary to the said Congress:

From Lord William Campbell, Governour of this Colony, to General Gage, in Boston, dated Rebellion-Road, September 20, 1775:

From John Moultrie, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Governour of East-Florida, to Colonel James Grant, in Boston, dated St˙ Augustine, October 4, 1775:

From Frederick George Mulcaster, Esq˙, Engineer at St˙ Augustine, to Colonel Grant, containing a draft of this Harbour, and plan of this Town, with references and remarks, dated St˙ Augustine, October 3, 1775:

Two from John Stuart, Esq˙, the King' s Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the Southern District of North-America, both addressed to General Gage, and dated St˙ Augustine, October 3,1775 — one of them enclosing copy of a talk from the Cherokee Indians to Alexander Cameron, Esq˙, one of Mr˙ Stuart' s Deputies, delivered at Choté August 8,1775:

From Major Jonathan Furlong to General Gage, dated St˙ Augustine, October 5, 1775:

Extract from Patrick Tonyn, Esq˙, Governour of East-Florida, to General Gave, dated St˙ Augustine, September 14,1775:

Extract from Frederick George Mulcaster, Esq˙, to Colonel Grant, dated St˙ Augustine, September 29, 1775.

The originals having been taken by Captain Manly, of the Continental Armed Schooner Lee, within a few hours' sail of Boston, in a sloop that was, at the same time, conveying Moses Kirkland to General Gage, after having first carried him to Lord Dunmore, in Virginia.

Resolved, That it is expedient and necessary that the Lady and Daughter of John Stuart, Esq˙, be restrained from absenting themselves from his house in Charlestown.


Ordered, That proper Guards be immediately placed, and continued, about the house of the said John Stuart, to prevent such absenting; and that Colonel Moultrie do place Guards accordingly.

Ordered, That Captain WilliamCattell and Captain Benjamin Huger, two Members of this Congress, do wait on Mrs˙ Stuart previous to the placing Guards as aforesaid, and acquaint her of the Order.

Resolved, That no property whatever of the Honourable John Stuart, the King' s Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern District of North-America, or of his brother, Henry Stuart, lying or being in any Parish or District within this Colony, be removed from thence upon any pretence.

Ordered, That the Committees in such Parishes or Districts, respectively, where such property may be, do take the most effectual measures to prevent any removal thereof.

Ordered, That Colonel Powell and Colonel Richardson be desired to make inquiry what men from their respective Regiments of Militia, and from such other country Militia as are now in town, are willing to engage to remain here on pay for a given time.

Ordered, That the Secretary do now proceed in reading the Journals of the Continental Congress.

And the said Journals were read accordingly to the 19th of July, 1775, inclusive.

Adjourned to Monday, nine o' clock.