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Convention of the several Towns of the County of Cumberland



At a Meeting of the following gentlemen chosen by the several towns in the County of Cumberland, held at Falmouth, in said county, on the 21st day of September, 1774, at the house of Mrs˙ Greele, viz: from

FALMOUTH, The Honourable Enoch Freeman, Esquire, Stephen Longfellow, Esquire, Mr˙ Richard Codman, Captain John Waite, Mr˙ Enoch Ilsley, Mr˙ Samuel Freeman.

SCARBOROUGH, Captain Timothy McDaniel, Captain Reuben Fogg, Mr˙ Joshua Fabyan.

NORTH YARMOUTH, Mr˙ John Lewis, David Mitchell, Esquire, Messrs˙ Jonathan Mitchell, John Gray, William Cutter.

GORHAM, Solomon Lombard, Esquire, William Gorham, Esquire, Captain Edmund Phiney, Captain Briant Morton, Mr˙ Joseph Davis.

CAPE ELIZABETH, Dr˙ Clement Jordon, Messrs˙ Peter Woodbury, Samuel Dunn, Captain Judah Dyer, Dr˙ Nathaniel Jones, Mr˙ George Strout.

BRUNSWICK, Messrs˙ Samuel Thompson, Samuel Stanwood, Captain Thomas Moulton.

HARPSWELL, Mr˙ Joseph Ewing, Captain John Stover, Mr˙ Andrew Dunning.

WINDHAM, Messrs˙ Zerubabel Honywell, Thomas Trott, David Barker.

NEW-GLOUCESTER, Messrs˙ William Harris, Isaac Parsons.

The Hon˙ Enoch Freeman, Esq˙, was chosen Chairman,

Mr˙ Samuel Freeman, Clerk.

A Committee from the body of people, who were assembled at the entrance of the town, waited on this Convention to see if they would choose a Committee of one member out of each town to join them, to wait upon Mr˙ Sheriff Tyng to see whether he would act in his office, under the late act of Parliament for regulating the Government.

On a motion made, Voted, that a messenger be sent to the said Sheriff Tyng, to desire his attendance at this Convention. A messenger then waited upon Mr˙ Tyng, with the following Billet, viz:


"Mr˙ Sheriff Tyng' s company is desired at the Convention of the County, now sitting at Mrs˙ Greele' s.


"Wednesday, September 21st, 1774, 11 o' clock, A˙ M."


Mr˙ Tyng accordingly attended, and after some interrogations, subscribed to the following Declaration, viz:

County of Cumberland, Falmouth, September 21, 1774.

"Whereas, great numbers of the inhabitants of this county are now assembled near my house, in consequence of the false representations of some evil-minded persons, who have reported that I have endeavoured all in my power to enforce the late Acts of Parliament, relating to this Province: I do hereby solemnly declare, that I have not in any way whatever acted or endeavoured to act in conformity to said Acts of Parliament; and in compliance with the commands of the inhabitants so assembled, and by the advice of a Committee from the several towns of this county now assembled in Congress, I further declare I will not as Sheriff of said county, or otherwise, act in conformity to, or by virtue of said Acts, unless by the general consent of the said county. I further declare, I have not received any commission inconsistent with the Charter of this Province, nor any commission whatever, since the first day of July last.


" County of CUMBERLAND:

"At the Convention of Committees from the several towns in the said county, held at the house of Mrs˙ Greek, in Falmouth, in said county, September 21, 1774, voted that the foregoing, by William Tyng, Esq˙, subscribed, is satisfactory to this Convention.


The Convention then formed themselves into a Committee, to accompany Mr˙ Tyng to the body of the people, to present the above Declaration, and adjourned to the old Town House, at 3 o' clock, P˙ M. — the deliberation to be in publick.

The Committee accordingly went with Mr˙ Tyng, who read the Declaration to the people, which they voted to be satisfactory, and after refreshing themselves, returned peaceably to their several homes.

Three o' clock, P˙ M. Met according to adjournment.


Voted, That Mr˙ Samuel Freeman, Solomon Lombard, Esq˙, Stephen Longfellow, Esq˙, David Mitchell, Esq˙, John Lewis, Captain John Waite, Samuel Thompson, Captain Timothy McDaniel, Doctor Nathaniel Jones, Isaac Parsons, Enoch Freeman, Esq˙, David Barker, and Captain John Stover, be a Committee to draw up the sentiments of this Convention, and report the same at the adjournment.

Then adjourned to Thursday morning at eight o' clock.