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Committee of Safety elected


Ordered, That Major Fuller, of Middleton, Mr˙ Whitemore, and Mr˙ Bliss, be a Committee to wait upon the Honourable James Russell, Esq˙, Impost-Master, to know if he has any Publick Moneys, now in his hands.

Ordered, That the President, Mr˙ Sullivan, and Colonel Warren, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve, recommending to the inhabitants of this Colony to make no purchases, nor receive any conveyances of Estates, from the Mandamus Counsellors, or other inveterate enemies to the rights of this Country, and that they have no dealings of any kind with such persons.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gardner, Doctor Taylor, and Mr˙ Kollock, be a Committee to consider and inquire into the subject-matter of a Resolve of the Committee of Safety, respecting Lady Frankland.

Adjourned to three o' clock, P˙M˙


Ordered, That Mr˙ Sullivan, Colonel Foster, Doctor Holten, Mr˙ Bragdon and Captain Batchelder, be a Committee to take into consideration a Letter from the Committee of Correspondence for the Town of Falmouth, and such parts of a Letter from the Honourable Enoch Freeman, Esq˙ to the Secretary, as he may communicate.

The Order of the Day was moved for.

Ordered, That Captain Brown, Mr˙ Bayley, and Captain Baker, be a Committee to sort and count the votes for a Committee of Safety.

The Committee appointed to count and sort the votes for a Committee of Safety, reported that the following gentlemen were chosen, viz:

Hon˙ John Hancock, Esq˙,
Doctor Joseph Warren,
Doctor Benjamin Church,
Mr˙ Abraham Watson,
Colonel Azor Orne,
Mr˙ Nathan Gushing,
Hon˙ Enoch Freeman, Esq˙,
Capt˙ Benjamin White,
Col˙ Joseph Palmer,
Mr˙ Richard Devens,
Mr˙ John Pigeon,
Hon˙ Benj˙ Greenleaf,
Doct˙ Samuel Holten.

The Report was recommitted for filling up the blanks.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Kollock, Doctor Taylor, and Colonel Davis, be a Committee to inquire where the Treasurer may procure Money for the Muster-Masters, to supply the Soldiers with advance pay.