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Letters from New-York, relative to the establishing a Post-Office


Head-Quarters, May 15, 1775.

Voted, That the Letters and writings from New-York, via New-London, relative to the establishing a Post-Office and Riders, for the service of the Colony, be sent to the Congress.

Voted, That John Tucker, of Colonel Porter' s Regiment, be dismissed from the service, and that he be furnished by the Commissary with seven days' Provisions.

Voted, That Jonathan Blaisdel, of Amesbury, be appointed an Armourer for the Army.


Resolved, That Mr˙ Borland' s house be appropriated for the use of the Committee of Safety; and the Quarter Master General is directed to provide Quarters for the Troops now lodged at said house.

Voted, That the Quarter-Master General be directed to remove as many of the three Companies now at Mr˙ Borland' s, to the house of Doctor Kneeland, as the house can accommodate, and that the three Companies in Mr˙ Vassal' s house be placed at Mr˙ Foxcroft' s house, and that Mr˙ Borland' s house be cleared and cleansed as soon as possible.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Honourable Congress, that the Records of the Probate Office for the County of Middlesex, supposed to be at Mr˙ Danforth' s and Doctor Kneeland' s houses, be removed to Doctor Minot' s, at Concord, and, that the Records of the County, at Mr˙ Foxcroft' s office, be removed to said Minot' s house.