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Report of Committee appointed by the Committee of Safety of New-Hampshire

Report of the Committee


"In Committee of Safety for New-Hampshire, October 27, 1775.

"GENTLEMEN: It having been represented to this Committee as necessary that a number of vessels should be properly moored above the Boom in Piscataqua river, in order to prevent the passage of the enemy' s ships up the river, we do therefore hereby desire you, or any three of you, to take a sufficient number of the meanest vessels you can easily find, that will answer the purpose, and fix them in such places, and in such a manner, above the Boom, as


you shall judge most proper; and to appraise each of said vessels, and make return thereof, with the names of the owners, to this Committee. And to assure the owners of the vessels so taken that, in case they are destroyed in said service, they shall be paid for according to your appraisement.

"By order of the Committee,


"To William Knight and Joshua Wentworth, Esqs˙, Captain William Pearce, Captain Thomas Thompson, and Captain Supply Clap."

Response from William Knight, Joshua Wentworth, William Pearce, and Supply Clap

Pursuant to the above order, we, the subscribers, determined on and transported some vessels for the purpose above mentioned, and valued the same; since which, finding it unnecessary they should lay any longer at their moorings, have returned them to the respective wharves from whence they were taken, and delivered them to the several owners, unhurt; but that some of the cables and hawsers are injured by use, of which a future estimate may be made, if the owners require it.


Portsmouth, December 16, 1775.