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The Continental Congress


Sunday, July 9, 1775.

The Committee appointed to consider a Resolve relative to seizing the Crown Officers, reported, by way of Resolve, as follows:

Reflecting with the greatest concern on the miseries of our friends and brethren in the Town and Harbour of Boston, who are now suffering under the cruel hand of tyranny, and can think of no other method to release them than to


take into safe custody all the Crown Officers in the United Colonies; therefore,

Resolved, That it be, and is hereby humbly suggested to the most serious consideration of the honourable Continental Congress now sitting at Philadelphia, whether it would not be proper to seize immediately, and take into custody every Crown Officer in said Colonies, and them safely keep, until our suffering brethren are liberated and fully compensated for their loss and sufferings. All which is humbly submitted.

The Report was recommitted, and the Secretary was added to the Committee, and the Committee directed to report, by way of Letter, and to insert a clause relative to the desire of this Congress that the Continental Congress would adjourn nearer the seat of action.