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Letter from Colonel Huntington to Governour Trumbull



Camp at Roxbury, January 22, 1776.

HONOURED SIR: I enclose you a copy of General Orders, providing arms, &c. Have sent Lieutenant Huntington to purchase for my regiment. As the time allowed him by the order is short, I fear he will not be able to look up many among individuals, from whence, I suppose, they must come. If he should be so happy as to find a considerable number together, he may accomplish the business by the time. He is directed to procure one hundred, which I hope will be sufficient, with what the soldiers will furnish themselves. I have ordered him to let you know what success he meets with, that you may take such measures for a supply as you shall think proper and necessary.

We much lament the death of the brave General Montgomery; hope it will be rightly improved by the Army there and here. The impatience of the soldiers, and perhaps of the subordinate officers, was the immediate cause of it; it will teach us, (and there is too much need of the lesson,) not to depend on an arm of flesh.

Please give my love and duty to mother, son, brother, &c.

I am, most affectionately, and dutifully, yours,


To the Honourable Governour Trumbull.