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Proclamation for a Fast Amendment


Thursday, June 22, 1775.

Ordered, That the Secretary, Colonel Cushing, and Mr˙ Wheeler, be a Committee to make a list of such Officers of the Army as have been commissioned, and also to inquire who have not yet received their commissions.

Ordered, That an Ensign' s Commission be delivered to Mr˙ Stephen Frost, of Captain Lock' s Company in Colonel Gardner' s Regiment.

Ordered, That the Selectmen of the Town of Ashby be directed to deliver the Selectmen of the Town of Townshend one half barrel of Powder, provided they have two half barrels; the Selectmen of Townshend giving a receipt for the same.

Ordered, That the Petition of Colonel Paul Dudley Sergeant, be committed to Colonel Parks, Major Fuller of Middleton, and Mr˙ Nye.

Ordered, That the Petition from Penobscot be recommitted.

Ordered, That Dr˙ Francis Kittredge be desired to attend the Hospital as a Surgeon till the further order of Congress; and that Mr˙ Kendall be desired to inform Dr˙ Kittredge of his appointment.

Ordered, That the Colonels, of the several Regiments in the Massachusetts Army be directed to recommend, immediately, suitable persons for Surgeons and Surgeons' Mates.

Ordered, That a recommendation from the Committee of Safety, respecting Aids-de-Camp, be committed to Col˙ Glover, Major Goodwin, and Dr˙ Whiting.

Ordered, That Major Whittemore, Mr˙ Davis, and Deacon Gould, be a Committee to distribute the handbills respecting the due observance of the Lord' s Day.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pickering be appointed, in the room of Col˙ Coffin, to consider the Petition of Mr˙ Kirkwood, Keeper of the Light-House on Thatcher' s Island.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hinsdale, Col˙ Farley, and Capt˙ Batchelder, be a Committee to take into consideration a Petition from George Vincent, of Salem.

Ordered, That Dr˙ Whiting be appointed to draught a Resolve, that application be made to the Committee of Safety by every person that is to be appointed a Military Officer.

Ordered, That the Proclamation for a Fast be recommitted for amendment, and that Mr˙ Webster and Deacon Fisher be added to the Committee.

Ordered, That a Hospital be provided for the Camp at Roxbury, and that Colonel Davis, Dr˙ Taylor, Dr˙ Whiting, be a Committee to provide one accordingly, and to supply the same.

Ordered, That Major Fuller, of Newton, be appointed to take care of the Plates, until further order of this Congress, or some future House of Representatives of this Colony.

Ordered, That Major Hawley, Mr˙ Webster, and Col˙ Gerrish, be a Committee to take into consideration Col˙ Phinney' s Regiment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Goodman be appointed, in the room of Colonel Grout, on the Petition of Mr˙ Parry.


Ordered, That Mr˙ Paul Revere' s Account be Committed to Colonel Farley, Mr˙ Hall, and Mr˙ Bailey.


Ordered, That Captain Batchelder, Major Goodwin, and Mr˙ Hobart, be a Committee to consider the propriety of commissioning the Officers of Colonel Gerrish' s Regiment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pickering be appointed to fill up commissions for Samuel Patch as Captain, and Zach˙ Walker and Joshua Brown as Lieutenants, in Colonel William Prescott' s Regiment.

Ordered, That a Letter be sent to General Ward, in answer to his Letter, and that Colonel Lincoln be appointed for that service.

Voted, That a particular number of men shall be settled, to entitle Colonel Phinney to the command of a Regiment.

Voted, That Colonel Phinney be directed to bring up to camp four hundred men with effective fire-arms, and that a time be limited to bring up one hundred more, at least, with effective fire-arms; he in that case to be entitled to a Colonel' s commission, and not otherwise.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pickering be appointed to make out commissions to the Officers in Colonel Gerrish' s Regiment.

Ordered, That the Committee of Safety be directed, as soon as possible, to prepare and transmit to this Congress perfect lists of the names of such gentlemen as they judge fit and worthy to be commissioned in the several Regiments granted by this Congress, and for which the said Committee have not already transmitted lists, that so our Army may be organized as soon as possible.