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Return of Provisions on Board the Vessels


Return of Provisions on board the several Vessels under the command of Brigadier-General Prescott, lying opposite LA VALTRIE, November 19, 1775.

The Brigantine Gaspee, six firkins butter; the Schooner Polly, four hundred and sixty barrels pork; the Sloop Brilliant, twenty barrels biscuit, three hundred and seventy barrels flour; the Schooner Providence, twenty-two barrels flour; the Schooner Maria, two hundred and eighty-three barrels flour, one hundred and sixty barrels pork, one hundred firkins butter, six barrels rice; the Sloop St˙ Antoine, one hundred and forty barrels pork; the Isabella, Bouchat, two hundred and seventy firkins butter; the Reine des Anges, Dussault, six barrels rice. Total: twenty barrels biscuit, six hundred and seventy-five barrels flour, seven hundred and sixty barrels pork, three hundred and seventy-six firkins butter, twelve barrels rice.

The above return is as exact as can be ascertained. More was put on board, but part issued to the troops since embarkation. THOMAS GAMBLE,

Assistant Quartermaster-General.