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Letter from the Elizabethtown Committee


The said Sub-Committee further report another Letter from the Committee of Elizabethtown, enclosing an Affidavit of Samuel Lee; which Letter and Affidavit are in the words following, viz;

Elizabethtown, March 14, 1775.

SIR: Enclosed I send you the Affidavit of Samuel Lee, boatman, relative to the unlading part of the Cargo of the Ship Beulah, which needs no comment.

I am, however, particularly desired by our Committee, earnestly to request of your Committee to protect Mr˙ Lee, as far as lies in their power, from any insult on account of this affair. He is a person well known here to be of good character, and who, by his honesty and industry, has justly acquired the esteem of all the inhabitants of this Town; and it is the opinion of our Committee he was unwarily led to act the part he did, as will, in part, appear by his Affidavit. I will only add, that we should be glad that whenever the Affidavit shall be read this Letter may be read also.

By order of the Committee: