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Letter from Gilbert Livingston


Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius be, and he hereby is, requested to contract with proper persons for making two thousand Pouches with Belts, without delay, and at the cheapest rate he can procure the same, and that he send five hundred of them, as soon as finished, to General Clinton' s encampment, for the use of his Brigade.

A Letter from Gilbert Livingston and Christopher Tappen, Commissioners for building vessels at Poughkeepsie,


dated the 24th instant, wishing to be permitted to take their seats in Convention before the Committee report a form of Government, and suggest, as their opinion, that it would be well to secure a State to govern, before they discussed a form to govern it by, was read, and committed to Mr˙ R˙ R˙ Livingston and Mr˙ L' Hommedieu.

Ordered, That Mr˙ L' Hommedieu be added to the Committee to draw Instructions to General Woodhull.

Resolved, That the Rev˙ Mr˙ Joseph Treat continue his services as Chaplain to Colonel Lasher' s and Colonel Malcon' s Battalions, in Brigadier-General Scott' s Brigade, and that the Rev˙ Mr˙ John Eliot be Chaplain to Colonel Samuel Drake' s and Colonel Humphrey' s Regiments — Mr˙ Treat' s pay to commence from the time of calling the said Brigade into service, and Mr˙ Eliot' s pay from the 7th instant.

Ordered, That General Scott be, and he is hereby, authorized to receive, out of the store of this State, such Cots and half Cots now in store as he may find necessary for the use of the Surgeons for dressing the wounded of his Brigade, or as he may find otherwise necessary for the use of the sick, General Scott giving a receipt for the same; and that General Scott make such disposition of those Cots in his Brigade as he may think proper.

Ordered, That fifty blank Commissions be sent to the Committee of the County of Albany.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Adgate, Mr˙ Bleecker, and Mr˙ Duer, be a Committee to nominate a suitable character for Major of a Regiment of the Militia in the County of Albany.

Ordered, That the nomination of the Officers for the Albany Rangers be committed to the same Committee.

It was moved that three hundred stand of Arms be forwarded for the use of the Militia of Gloucester. Being considered, it was referred to Mr˙ Duer, Mr˙ Hobart, and the others of the Committee appointed to hear their Government application.

A Letter from John Sleght, Chairman of Kingston, was received and read, stating that the women surround the Committee Chamber, and say if they cannot have tea their husbands and sons shall fight no more, was received, and referred to the Members attending from Ulster County.

Whereas the Convention have reason to suspect that a correspondence is carried on between the enemy' s Army, now on Nassau-Island, and the family of Colonel Josiah Martin, at Rockaway, on said Island; and whereas it is the duty of this Convention diligently to watch over and suppress every intercourse which may endanger the publick good or safety:

Therefore, Resolved, That Brigadier-General Woodhull be, and he is hereby, requested and authorized to cause the house of the said Colonel Josiah Martin immediately to be searched for papers, by a discreet and spirited officer, who shall engage, upon his word of honour, to General Woodhull, not to divulge any matters which may be contained in letters of a private nature, and to transmit to the Convention of this State every paper which may concern the publick weal.

And whereas Dr˙ Samuel Martin, son of the said Colonel Martin, is at present a prisoner upon his parole at Rockaway, on Nassau-Island; and whereas, on account of the vicinity of the enemy' s Army in which the said Dr˙ Martin has frequent and intimate connection, it would be inconsistent


with good policy to suffer the said Samuel Martin to remain any longer on his parole at said place:

Therefore, Resolved, That the said Brigadier-General Woodhull be, and he is hereby, requested and authorized to cause the said Dr˙ Samuel Martin immediately to be apprehended and conveyed to this Convention, in order that he may be sent to reside in some more secure and distant place.

Whereas considerable expenses have accrued to this State in suppressing the designs of evil-minded and disaffected persons against the liberties of America; and whereas the publick economy requires that such expenses should be ascertained in the most exact manner, in order that such means may be devised for reimbursing the same as justice and sound policy may hereafter dictate:

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this Convention do keep a distinct and accurate account of all sums of money which already have been, and may hereafter be, disbursed by order of the Convention for the purpose of apprehending, securing, and subsisting disaffected persons, and of quelling insurrections within this State.