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Resolution of Philadelphia Committee



Committee-Chamber, March 5, 1776.

Whereas some persons in this City, whose affluence ought to set them above the temptation of taking an advantage of the distresses of their fellow-citizens, have, within a few days, engrossed great quantities of Salt, Rum, Cocoa, Coffee, Pepper, Sugar, and Molasses, in order to sell them again at exorbitant prices, and thus add to the calamities of our country, while it is struggling under the oppressions of a bloody and vindictive Ministry.

Resolved, therefore, That this Committee will most steadily oppose such base and cruel practices, and expose the authors of them, of whatever rank and degree in life. For which purpose the District Committees are requested to make immediate inquiry into the grounds of this complaint, and report to this Committee, to-morrow evening, the names of those persons whom they find, or have good reason to suspect, of such practices, in order that justice may be done to our suffering country, and those persons meet with the infamy and treatment they deserve.

By order of the Committee of Inspection, &c.

PETER Z˙ LLOYD, Secretary.