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Message from Governour Franklin and Proceedings on the Treasurer

Message from Governour Franklin


Saturday, May 20, 1775.

The House met.

A Message from his Excellency, by Mr˙ Deputy Secretary Pettit:


As the Honourable Samuel Smith, Esquire, has resigned his office of Treasurer of the Western Division, I now inform you that I have, with the advice of the Council, appointed Joseph Smith, Esquire, to that office; which appointment, I doubt not, will be to your satisfaction;


Burlington, May 20, 1775.

Which was read; and thereupon a certified copy of the Bond entered into by the said Joseph Smith, Esq˙, being laid before the House, executed according to law,

Resolved, That this House is entirely satisfied with the security therein mentioned.

Proceedings on the Treasurer

It also appearing that the late Treasurer hath paid into the hands of the said Joseph Smith, Esquire, the sum of Six Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Six Pounds Fourteen Shillings and Eight Pence, the balance of the said late Treasurer' s accounts, as settled by the Committees of the Council and this House, together with all books, papers, &c˙, belonging to the Colony:

Resolved, That it is the opinion of this House that the late Treasurer' s Bond be taken off the files, cancelled, and delivered to him.

It also appearing that the Chest heretofore used for keeping the publick money, &c˙, is private property,

Ordered, That the present Treasurer do procure a proper and strong Iron Chest for that purpose; and upon his exhibiting an account of the expense thereof,

Resolved, That this House will make provision to defray the said expense.