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Prizes taken by the Continental brig Andrew Doria


Philadelphia, September 18, 1776.

Yesterday arrived the Continental brig Andrew Doria, Captain Biddle, from a cruise, in which he took six vessels, viz: ship Molly, Brigder Goodrich, late belonging to Mr˙ Jonathan Hudson, of Maryland, and brig Peggy, Cook, both prizes of Lord Dunmore' s, bound from Virginia to Bermuda; brig Elizabeth, Captain Johnson, a prize taken by the English, from Cape-Fear, North- Carolina, for Bermuda; brig Lawrence, Captain Layburn, from Barbadoes to Newfoundland, and two other brigs, in ballast, from Virginia, with Tories, for Bermuda. The two latter, being short of water and provisions, he let go.

By sundry gentlemen who arrived from New-York yesterday and the day before, we collect the following intelligence: That last Monday General Washington having received intelligence that an advanced party of the enemy was approaching his lines at Harlem, he prepared to attack them with one party in front, whilst another attacked them in the rear, to prevent their retreat, which was nearly effected, when the enemy, after a smart engagement, secured their retreat under cover of their men-of-war in the East River. Colonel Knowlton commanded one party, and Major Leitch the other — the former killed, and the latter wounded. That the Regulars had lost thirty men killed; that we had taken three field-pieces, and lost only five men. We are also informed that on Sunday evening last our people had sent three fire-ships down upon the enemy' s fleet, one of which had grappled with a man-of-war; but the man-of-war disentangling herself, they burnt to the water' s edge without doing any damage.