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Report of the Committee on Governour Hutchinson' s Letters


John Taylor, Esq˙, brought down the Report of the Committee appointed to consider what is proper to be done with Governour Hutchinson' s Letters, viz:

"In Council, August 19,1775.

"The Committee above-named report, that it is of great importance that the Letters and other papers of the late Governour Hutchinson be carefully preserved, as they contain documents for history of great moment, and that evidence in the handwriting of a man, whose nefarious intrigues and practices have occasioned the shedding of so much innocent blood, and brought such horrid calamities on his native Country, may be preserved for the full conviction of the present and future generations; and therefore that such of the Letters and papers aforesaid as are not now in the custody of the Honourable Samuel Dexter, Esq˙, of Dedham, be delivered to him, and, together with those already under his care, faithfully kept by him, until the further order of this Court, and that such of them be published from lime to time as he shall judge proper.

"JOHN ADAMS, per order"

Read and concurred.