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Committee to consider a new emission of Bills of Credit


Ordered, That when any Member of the House, being appointed Chairman of a Committee, is excused, and another appointed in his stead, the second gentleman named in the Committee shall act as Chairman.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Davis be appointed, in the room of Colonel Freeman, on the Committee who were to consider the Petition of Messrs˙ Sheppard and Hunt.

The Committee appointed to prepare an Answer to a Letter received from the Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Saybrook, reported.

The Letter was accepted, and ordered to be copied and sent forward.

Ordered, That information be given to the Committee of Supplies, that there are Donations to the value of fifty Pounds now in the hands of the Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Saybrook, and that the said Committee of Supplies be directed to take proper care of the same.

A Petition of the Commissioned Officers of Colonel Learned' s Regiment, praying for some Advance Pay, was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Ordered, That Colonel Freeman, Major Fuller, Captain Derby, Colonel Mitchell, and Mr˙ Hopkins, be a Committee to consider the Report of the Committee of Safety to the late provincial Congress, relative to a new emission of Bills of Credit, and report to this House what is best to be done thereon.

Resolved, That four o' clock in the afternoon be assigned for the choice of a Counsellor, in the room of Colonel Orne, who has declined going to the Board.