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Hessians, who were taken at Trenton, were brought to Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Tuesday, December 31, 1776.

By the last advices from the Jerseys, we learn the enemy are every where flying before our Army, who frequently take small parties of them. Since the affair at Trenton, it is said, we have taken four hundred, amongst whom are several officers.

Yesterday morning upwards of nine hundred Hessians, who were taken at Trenton, were brought to this city. The wretched condition of these unhappy men, most of whom, if not all, were dragged from their wives and families by a despotick and avaricious Prince, must sensibly affect every generous mind with the dreadful effects of arbitrary power.

Last Monday seven of the Light-Horse belonging to this city took nine Light-Horsemen from the enemy, near Prince-Town, without firing a gun.

Last Thursday afternoon Colonel Rohl died at Trenton, of the wounds he received that morning.