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Stephen Moylan and John Glover to Col. Joseph Reed



Beverly, October 28, 1775.

SIR: We received your favour of the 25th instant, enclosing instructions for the agents, one of which we will deliver to the person appointed for this place, and transmit the others to Portsmouth, Newbury, &c˙, &c.

The first article mentions the laying in provisions, conformable to an enclosed paper, which enclosure was omitted; you will, therefore, please to send us five of them, and one more copy of the instructions, by return of the bearer.

We will pay due attention to your commands, in fixing the commissions, &c˙, with the agents, and all agreements shall be committed to writing.

Captain Glover has brought all the things we wrote to you for, except the three hundred swivel-shot, which, he informs us, were not to be had; he says there are four-ounce ball, which will answer very well. On looking over the ammunition left by the three schooners, we find there will be wanting, for Captain Adams, forty rounds of four-pound cartridges, and four or five hundred of them four-ounce ball; of these he will give half unto Captain Manly, when they meet at Cape-Ann. There is no sheet lead to be had in these parts — we want ten feet square — please to send it and these other things immediately, viz: 60 four-pound shot, 40 two-pound shot, 40 cartridges for two-pounders — absolutely necessary.

We will recommend harmony and good understanding to the Captains, and will give our best advice to Captain Adams, relative to his cruising farther eastward, and in all other matters. We shall be glad to see him soon — his vessel is ready — it is now five o' clock, P˙M˙, and no appearance of him or his men. Captain Manly is off, and only waits a fair wind to proceed to sea.

We are, with great respect to his Excellency and to you, Sir, your most humble servants,


To Colonel Joseph Reed.

P˙S. Please to put Captain Adams in mind of bringing his Sergeant and Gunner.