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Captain Macartney to Paul Loyal



His Majesty' s Ship Mercury, Norfolk, August 15, 1775.

SIR: I was favoured with your letter of yesterday' s date, and it gives me much real satisfaction to find that the inhabitants of Norfolk are so earnestly desirous of living in harmony with his Majesty' s servants. You are pleased to assure me that no violence or insult shall be offered to the person of Mr˙ Sprowle; and upon the faith of your letter I have requested him to attend the Committee to-morrow. For some days past I have been much indisposed, but if I find myself well enough to-morrow, I mean to accompany Mr˙ Sprowle to the Committee, and will call upon you about eleven o' clock to-morrow morning. I must beg that you will go along with us.

You, I am sure, will agree with me that the summons sent Mr˙ Sprowle (a copy of which I have enclosed you) must be truly alarming to all good citizens. When any set of gentlemen assume to themselves the power of arraigning an individual for furnishing barracks for His Majesty' s Troops, and pretend to censure a conduct which I must think highly laudable, it gives me but too much reason to apprehend that the authority of the civil magistracy is not competent for the support of Government and good order.

I am, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


To Paul Loyal, Esq˙, Mayor of the Town of Norfolk, Va.