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Letters from sundry Merchants in New-York to the Provincial Congress


New-York, August 28, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We request a permission for our Sloop Charlotte, Captain Harriot, to depart for Kingston, in the Island of Jamaica, with a cargo of three hundred and thirty barrels of flour, and some staves on board; and we intend to put on board twenty or thirty barrels of lamp oil, if to be had, and to fill up with staves. We had engaged a parcel of ship-bread from Mr˙ Phoenix, which was assigned to him and some other gentlemen, for the use of the poor, by Mr˙ Abraham Fan Vleck, a late delinquent; but, on considering your late resolves, we decline asking a permission for that article.

We are, most respectfully, Gentlemen, your obedient and very humble servants,