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Notice of the Town-Clerk of Boston


Watertown, July 10, 1775.

In compliance with an order of the honourable the Provincial Congress, passed the fifth of July instant, the Freeholders and others, who were inhabitants of the Town of Boston, and were qualified, according to law, to vote for Representatives in May, 1774, and are now dispersed, are hereby notified and warned to assemble at the Meeting-House in Concord, on Tuesday, the eighteenth of July instant, at three o' clock in the afternoon, then and there to elect and depute one or more freeholders in said Town, according to the numbers limited by a law of this Colony, to serve for and represent them in a Great and General Court or Assembly, to be convened, held, and kept for the service of said Colony, until the day next preceding the last Wednesday of May next, if necessary, and no longer, at the Meeting-House in Watertown, upon Wednesday, the nineteenth instant, nine o' clock in the forenoon, and so from day to day during their session or sessions.

WILLIAM COOPER, Town Clerk of Boston.