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General Orders: Head-Quarters, Ticonderoga, September 29


Head-Quarters, September 29, 1776.

(Parole, Deane.)

(Countersign, Hartford.)

The Regiments will deliver in their pay-abstracts tomorrow at orderly time, agreeable to the General Orders of the 19th instant.


Mr˙ Commissary Avery has orders to send directly from Saratoga one thousand bushels of turnips and potatoes, which will be served out to the troops in due proportion, upon their arrival at the provision store.

The two hundred bushels of onions just brought to the carrying-place at Lake George, are to be one half of them sold at the market upon the glacis of the old Fort, and the other half at the market place in the front of Colonel Patterson' s Regiment, upon Mount Independence.

Lieutenant-Colonel Benjamin Brown Field officer of the day to-morrow. Brigade-Major of the day, Ryan.