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July 26


Wednesday, July 26, 1775.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Crane, Col˙ Davis, and Mr˙ Vose, be a Committee to make further search for the Letters of Gov˙ Hutchinson, and other enemies of the Country.

The following gentlemen, being elected Counsellors for this Colony, personally accepted of the trust thereby reposed in them, viz:

Hon˙ Jedediah Foster, Esq˙, Hon˙ James Prescott, Esq˙, Hon˙ Joseph Palmer, Esq˙, Hon˙ Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, Hon˙ Jabez Fisher, Esq˙, Hon˙ Walter Spooner, Esq˙, Hon˙ John Taylor, Esq˙, Hon˙ Samuel Holten, Esq.

Ordered, That Dr˙ Baylis, Major Hawley, and Dr˙ Church, be a Committee to wait upon the other gentlemen who were elected to the Board, and are now in this Town, and know of them if they accept of their election.

Ordered, That the Committee appointed to prepare a Letter to the Counsellors be directed to prepare a particular Letter to the honourable Delegates at the Continental Congress.

Ordered, That Captain Thatcher, Mr˙ Watson, and Captain Goodman, be a Committee to take care and dispose of the Fire-Arms that were in the custody of the Committee of Safety.