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Portsmouth (New-Hampshire) Volunteers



We, the subscribers, being desirous of attaining the Military Art, do agree on the following Rules and Regulations, viz:

1st. That we will meet at some place that shall be agreed on by the Company, every Monday and Thursday evening, for the purpose aforesaid.

2d. That on the first Monday evening of every month,


(after the exercise is over,) we will choose a proper person to instruct and preside over the Company; also a Clerk, and any other Officers that may be judged necessary.

3d. That we will pay obedience and strict attention to such as we shall appoint from time to time to instruct and command the Company.

Portsmouth, December 20, 1774.

April 16th, 1775. — The Company, taking into consideration the shortness of the evenings, and their numbers being so much increased that it is inconvenient to exercise any longer within doors; therefore,

Voted, That after the 10th day of April instant, we will meet on the parade, or some other convenient place, on Monday and Thursday mornings, precisely at sunrise.

Voted, That Dr˙ Hall Jackson, Messrs˙ James Sheafe, George Hart, George Gains, and Jeremiah Libby, be a Committee to wait on the Honourable Theodore Atkinson, Esquire, Colonel of the Regiment to which we belong, and request the favour of him to grant us liberty to beat a drum to call the Company together; and also to present to him a copy of our Rules and Regulations, that he may be convinced that we are not a Company detached from his regiment and command.


J˙LIBBY, Clerk.

Portsmouth, April 7, 1775.